Sunday, March 6, 2011

These last days!

Hello again Cherrying ME...

Until im searching a new job, yesterday was one of my important days in my life, was the ceremony where the faculty told us that we are oficially designers not students, ok i need to do my P.E. but is another step, in this moment i can saw the last five years and was awesome, the first cut with the cutter, the stress cuz i needed finish the technical drawings, or i was talking with me n the middle of the night about the best color and finish jajaja and obviously i wanted cry cuz we reminds our two professor died, i wanna think that all the tears, laughts and dont sleep jajaja was the low price for all this fun and great experience.

i need to tell, be a designer is not an easy way, cuz we need to do awesome products to make more easy the life and help all the people around us...we have a big compromise, im very very happy to have the opportunity that this dream has come true...

Now my big adventure is startting...but anyway i was talking alot about my feelings 

we need to talk about design

this last friday i was bught this awesome book...Couture Design by Marnie Fogg, now im reading and is really great cuz describe all about the history, trends, materials and how the house is our new fashion point, and how the fashion industry work with Industrial Designers and Arquitects to twist all the knwledges to create a new visual experience...i recomend this book...!!! 

if u are boring....u can ur dress!!!!